Friday, November 30, 2012

Coastal Scents 252 Ultimate Palette Rave! & Review!

On Halloween day I had received my order of the 252 Ultimate Palette from Coastal Scents. And I was blown away! I had discovered Coastal Scents quite a while ago, but for a long time couldn't decide which one if their many (MANY!) palettes to choose from. So after finally making a decision (and sticking to it) I could not be happier! Theres so many looks to choose from! 

The colors go on really really well, vibrant, and smooth. They are SO easy to work with, which from past experience from other eyeshadow palettes is not always the case. These colors haven't left any of my looks chalky, creasing, or lacking color, which I really like! Another positive feature is the organization of the colors on the palette itself. It makes it a lot easier when you're deciding on a look to choose from when all the Blues are with the Blues, the Pinks with Pinks, Greens with Greens, and so on. Not to mention how blend-able they are. And if you're like me and LOVE to do a lot of cross fades and 

blending, then you can absolutely go nuts with this palette. 

The 252 Ultimate Palette from Coastal Scents is an absolute steal and a great buy and on sale for only $29.95! And thats A LOT of colors! I recommend it to anyone that loves to experiment and try with numerous color ideas, and looks. You won't regret it! I don't!! 

P.S. I will be doing a lot of looks with this palette so you will see them again! 

- XOXO LeoLady89!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

YAY!! We're Back On!!

So hooray!! I finally worked out the kinks and Escaping Beauty School is officially out of Construction! Im back and ready to get this Blog REALLY going!!

Monday, November 19, 2012


Hey there! I'm sorry to say that is sadly UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!! Having some technical difficulties! I apologize and hope to see u soon! 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Seasonal Obsession- Fall Season: PUMPKIN BUTTER!!

So this may not be the best way to begin...But my first seasonal obsession has nothing to do with beauty or fashion at all. Its actually a thing I discovered and doors unlike any other were opened up to me while walking through the mall one day...While I decided to walk into one of my favorite stores Williams Sonoma. I had discovered Pumpkin Butter....YES Pumpkin Butter! Pecan Pumpkin Butter to be exact.
This can be purchased from Williams Sonoma for $11.95. You won't regret it! 

I have no idea why this yummy, tasty, sweet, brown, smooth, spreadable buttery goop can make my day any time. Though between me and my sister this 13oz jar did not last us more than a few days. And for $11.95 a jar, it was going to be a long time and pricey treat to keep with.

So while listening to the radio, I had heard an ad from (another one of my favorite stores ever!) Trader Joe's announcing that they have...You guessed it PUMPKIN BUTTER!!!!! And what's even better is that its fat free, and only $2.29 for a 10oz jar. Now thats a habit I can support ANY DAY!! Sure its a couple ounces less but hey its also $9.66 cheaper too, for exactly the same taste! The only difference is Trader Joe's doesn't have any pecans in it. Which is perfect because my mom is allergic so everyone wins right?

The best thing so far of course has been plain toast and butter. Im just DYING for Thanksgiving to come so I can try some other recipes using the Pumpkin Butter. Recipes like Pumpkin Butter and Brie!! YUMMM!! I'll make sure to keep you updated on how my exploration with the greatest goopy snack ever!

XOXO-- LeoLady89!